Your Goals

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Every upcoming year, individuals around the world write down their New Year resolutions as a way to change their routine and progress in achieving their goals and new objectives. It certainly doesn’t occur only on New Year’s Day. Sometimes we find ourselves wishing a few seconds before blowing the birthday candles on the cake, or when we get out of relationships that no longer bring any value into our lives, or maybe every Monday we wake up hoping this will be the week of change. What exactly happens then? Why can’t we follow things through?

Our motivation levels may fluctuate, and that is totally fine, because we are humans after all. If you are one of those people who are always motivated and happy, and joyful that possess great willpower, there is a chance that your denial muscles are well cultivated.

Let’s identify what happens when we don’t exactly follow through in achieving the goal or objective we have set for ourselves. Some of the reasons may be as followed:

  • Resistant beliefs
  • The goal may not be meaningful for us
  •  We don’t assess the journey on how to get there
  • The goal is an inherited goal and not my personal interest
  • We don’t have the habits necessary to achieve that specific goal
  • External and environmental factors

It seems simple! But the truth is we are so accustomed by our thoughts and way for life, it is hard for us to recognise the reasons or build a habit to change them. In personal consultancy framework, we work with the foundations and built what is needed for you to get to the place you want.

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