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Personal Consultancy

For a change to happen it’s not always necessary to go into depth, sometimes we just need to clean up the surface.

The truth is not every specific issue we encounter is linked to concealed childhood traumas. Later life paths of high significance may initiate issues within us in form of habits and routine patterns. We simply need to take the initiative to make changes in our daily habits. There are no doubts that our upbringings and challenges in our lives shape our wellbeing. The question is when to dig deep and when to pause?

This is what personal consultancy offers to its clients. It is an integrated approach to the practices of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching, it allows practitioners to integrate the depth perspective, offered by counselling and psychotherapy, with an opportunity to make constructive, practical changes, associated with coaching. If you are looking for an approach that could address your current imbalances and help you to build habits to reach a certain goal, personal consultancy could be a suitable framework for you.

Pardis Samiee

How I Work

I offer Personal Consultancy and my clinical approach is integrative (such as CBT, Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Existential, Gestalt, and Transactional Analysis) and I incorporate coaching approaches and techniques. It means that based on your needs and personality I implement suitable disciplines or techniques to address your issue. We are all unique, and as your therapist, it is my profound responsibility to implement the most comfortable and effective approach for you.

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personal consultancy pardis samiee
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