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What do you want to be when you grow up?

The confusing question with many consequences!

We are living in a culture that demands constant productivity and purpose, while bombarding us with an unending flow of information and distraction. Many of us try to find purpose in our career and consequently attach our identity to what we do for living. Although it may be part of ‘I’, but if we let ‘a career’ define us, what will happen if we lose a job or can’t get the promotion we were seeking? Or if you don’t have the means to get on to the path you thought will make you someone!

Career issues are complex, starting with their meaning for us. To simplify my work in this area I categories them into three:

Finding a career that suits me

Clients in this category acquire answers to questions like: Am I on the right career path? Will I be successful if I continue to pursue it? Do I have the right personality and the right amount of strength to remain in this path?

Dealing with my current career

For those whose career paths have already been paved but are not entirely satisfied with some aspect of it and need to face the challenges & doubts.

Advancing into my chosen career

The clients that fall into this category require further support and guidance to advance into their career with already having a clear idea but requiring the right support to get there.

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