Mental Health Support for Your Employees: 

In recent years, responsibility for employee mental health has shifted from voluntary action to necessary development for organisations. According to the A recent WHO-led study, workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to

  • reduce absenteeism
  • increase productivity
  • benefit from associated economic gains

A positive and supportive workplace can make all the difference when it comes to mental health and now more than ever, businesses have a duty of care to their workforce Increasing mental health provision for employees – why and how

Although the pandemic and its health consequences created urgency for employers to address their staff mental health issues, according to a survey conducted by Helix Resilience (July 2020), fewer  than half of those working in London  have received mental health support or advice from their employer since the pandemic hit in March. .

UK workplaces can play an important role in improving people’s mental well-being through raising awareness and by providing supports.

Here are three simple tips that anyone can implement in  their workplaces designed to improve the mental well-being of our co-workers:

Meaningful Communication:

Regular communication to see how employees  are doing; creating safe spaces for people to talk openly is a great way to stay connected and maintain a  sense of belonging. . Set aside  time to check in with your team and ask  how they feel about their  day.  Remember you don’t need to give advice or solve their problems. It is enough to be there with them fully for 10 minutes a week even via our cameras! Increase your team’s engagement by showing them you care about their state of mind as well as their productivity.

Goal setting and Ownerships

Humans attach meaning and purpose to the things that are theirs!  If you would like  people to find joy at work, then give them ownership and purpose. Collaborate with your employer and find an achievable monthly goal. Then give the person autonomy and space to achieve it in their way. Meaningful and achievable goal settings increase motivation and self-confidence and consequently, better mental health. These all increase performance.

Encourage talking therapy

We all experience challenges in life, which can lead to distrubances or lead to us ! Or help us grow if we learning healthy coping mechanisms. We tend to go over problems again and again when an emotional imbalance occurs.  Just rehearsing how terrible we feel, may not help at all. Talking things through with someone who can help you reframe  or work  through your problems can be much more helpful, and that’s the role of a trained counsellor.

Help your employees by breaking the stigma associated with seeking support at your organisation. Motivate your staff to talk about their issues with a trained practitioner. Talking therapy has a positive and long-term effect on our mental wellbeing and no, it is not like you are talking to your best friend, I will explain why is it different in another post.